The Boston team in the Solar Decathlon competition is shooting for affordability. Apart from the solar panels, they are using almost entirely building materials that .

Solar panels, or photovoltaic panels, are a major architectural feature. This year's teams have also focused on using recycled or renewable building materials.

Here are 8 exciting new research developments in solar energy . 8 crazy new solar research . technology for rooftop PV systems by building them with .

Solar tiles that offer style. Building integrated photovoltaics won't make your inner architecture critic wince, . your solar panels are the roof.

Contestants from the Solar Decathlon in Washington build net zero energy homes that push the envelope of green building design using solar and energy efficiency.

Amazing Space: Why green tech is good for business and the environment. . dotted with both wildflowers and solar panels. The new building is a 12,000 square .

An inverter in every solar panel? . Solar photovoltaic panels generate direct current from sunlight. An inverter, often placed on the side of a building, .

Solar architecture is an architecture approach that takes in account the.