The most recently developed material for building a retaining wall is pre cast It costs 1,250 2,000 or more for a wall 30 inches high and 20 feet long. Manufacturers of interlocking block systems include Allan Block , Geostone and 

Find how many retaining wall blocks are needed to build a wall and estimate how height is 6 feet, the wall should be embedded below grade by 7 8 inches.

See the time to install a block retaining wall, along with per unit costs and material Stack interlocking blocks to 8 courses high, including cap blocks. Totals Cost To Install Block Retaining Wall, 120 square feet, 789.41, 1,040.61.

HomeAdvisor's Retaining Wall Cost Guide lists price information on building a retaining miscellaneous costs run in the range of about a dollar per square foot.

a Redi Rock gravity retaining wall in comparison to walls with geogrid "no limit", but there are geogrid walls in the 50 to 100 ft high range.

These taller walls can cost nearly 20,000 while a six foot wall can cost around 13,000. Decorative retaining walls and those that serve no 

Applications range from low, lightly loaded gravity designed residential retaining walls to high (30 ft. or more), commercial and industrial geogrid reinforced 

417863417864417865 The 2nd wall is 100 feet long by 6 feet high. they pay 30 per linear foot for 8x8x16 masonry walls, six feet tall, on a 8" cmu retaining wall 5' 6' tall start at 100.00 per linear foot and will more than