The gallery below shows top down views of various types of buttress (dark grey) supporting the corner wall of a structure Retaining wall; Cathedral architecture;

Retaining Walls – Types Outdoor The four basic types of retaining walls are: gravity wall; The buttress concept was widely used in the construction of many

DESIGN AND DETAILING OF RETAINING WALLS • Counterfort retaining wall RCC • Buttress Earth pressure depends on type of backfill, the height of wall and the

Types of Retaining Walls Gravity walls Counter fort and Buttress Gabion Crib Bin This type of wall was known to Roman military engineers,

Counterfort and Buttress Retaining Walls: If the height of the retaining wall exceeds certain limit, the cantilever walls are not economical. Economy can be achieved by providing counterforts which are nothing but vertical beams connected to the stem and the heel slab by reinforcements at regular intervals.

Buttress walls provide extra support for a wall by transferring horizontal pressure into vertical pressure onto the footing below. Buttress walls can be buried under the earth or designed to be a decorative architectural design feature of the building.

These walls are a special type of Cantilever Retaining Walls with additional support in the form of buttress which are perpendicular to the retaining wall and are

Common Types of Walls HANDOUTa. RETAINING WALLS Slide No. 7 – The buttress wall (Figure 1d) is similar to the counterfort wall except that the buttress are